[RUBY] I want to find out what character the character string appears from the left

I would like to find out what character "get" appears from the left in any character string and output the number.

An example output is

=> 4
=> 7

Create a method using the index method. reference: Ruby 3.0.0 Reference Manual: index method

Example of use:

str.index(The character string you want to search,Where to start the search)

First, create a method.

def count_code(str)


I would like to use the index method in it to output as shown in the output example.

def count_code(str)
  puts str.index("get", 0 )

You can now output. However, if nothing is done, it will not look like the output example, and the result will be as follows.

 => 0
=> 3
=> 6


def count_code(str)
  puts str.index("get", 0 ) + 1

By giving as, it becomes like the output example.

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