Split routes.rb in Rails6

Thing you want to do

I want to split the routing definition file config / routes.rb into multiple files. Specifically, I have a file called lib / my_app / routes.rb and want to load it.

Old solution

The 2015 article https://y-yagi.tumblr.com/post/118514473965/ is a hit, but it doesn't work as it is. The definition and execution of draw works well, but it fails because the mechanism for reloading seems to be old.

Recent solutions

Rails6 has a pretty organized way of loading routes so you don't have to reload it yourself. A class called Rails :: Application :: RoutesReloader is defined with the correct parameters. If you can give it, it will be completed. If you want to decompose routes.rb under config / routes /, the method described in the article below seems to be good.


However, I couldn't read any file with this, so I chose another method.

Other solutions

The routing is loaded at  Ľadd_routing_paths` in initializers. So I thought that I should set it so that path is added before the initializers.

Specifically, the following settings were added to config / application.rb.


    initializer('add_my_app_routing_paths', before: 'add_routing_paths') do |app|
      routing_path = root.join('lib/my_app/routes.rb')

Now, as expected, the routes defined in lib / my_app / routes.rb are loaded. I didn't seem to have the side effect of not being reloaded, so I decided to go with this.


If you look at the unreleased master branch source code, it looks like below written.

    initializer :add_routing_paths do |app|
      routing_paths = paths["config/routes.rb"].existent
      external_paths = self.paths["config/routes"].paths

      if routes? || routing_paths.any?
        app.routes_reloader.route_sets << routes

When I set a variable called external_paths, I feel that if I can pass the path I want to read, I can set it better.

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