[RUBY] [Rails] Reset the database in the production environment



・ Develop applications using Rails ・ Use AWS ・ Create a web server on EC2

Reset existing database

If you ever wanted to reset the DB when developing in your own local environment

I was recreating the DB using riset.

 After deploying this time, because I made various changes to the migration file etc.
 I thought about resetting it once in the production environment and rebuilding it.

## Database reset in production environment

RAILS_ENV=production DISABLE_DATABASE_ENVIRONMENT_CHECK=1 bundle exec rails db:drop

You can reset the DB in production with this command (Is it possible to reset the DB in the production environment?)

Reflect the contents of the database again

   rails db:create RAILS_ENV=production
   rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
   rails db:seed RAILS_ENV=production

In the above description, if you have any improvement plans or suggestions such as if there is such a risk, I would appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments.

We hope you find this helpful.

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