java regular expression summary

Regular expression with String

Regular expression replacement with String

Regular expression split by String

Regular expression matching by String

System.out.println ("not E-mail"); } }

Comparison of String regular expression and (Pattern, Matcher) regular expression

String and pattern

private static void textPattern() {

//文字列 String string = "da646dad4da64da54d6a4d5a4d6a4d5ae78w"; String regex = "[0-9]+"; // Divide by pattern Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(regex); System.out.println(Arrays.toString(pattern.split(string))); // Divide by string System.out.println(Arrays.toString(string.split(regex))); } // Result [da, dad, da, da, d, a, d, a, d, a, d, ae, w]    [da, dad, da, da, d, a, d, a, d, a, d, ae, w]

String and matcher

private static void testMatcher() {
	String str = "2019-09-10";
	String regex = "\\d{4}\\-\\d{2}\\-\\d{2}";

// Matching by Matcher Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(regex); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(str); System.out.println(""+ matcher.matches()); // Matching by String System.out.println(""+str.matches(regex)); } // Result true true

Summary of frequently used regular expressions

One letter

regex meaning Remarks
abc abc
\\n new line
\\t tab
[abc] a or b or c
[^abc] a,b,Other than c
[a-zA-Z] Alphabet
[a-d[m-p]] a-d or m-p
\\d Numbers
\\D Other than numbers
\\w a-z A-With Z_ [a-zA-Z_]Same as
\\W Other than those above

Many characters

regex meaning Remarks
\\d+ One or more numbers
\\d? Number 0 1
\\d* Number 0, 1 or more
\\d{5} 5 numbers
\\d{5,10} Numbers 5 or more and 10 or less
\\d{5,} 5 or more numbers

Numerous judgments

regex meaning Remarks
XY Judgment X followed by Y
X|Y Judgment X or Y
(X) Group Judgment X

Sample code

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