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-[Reason why you can get the value by. (Dot) + column name when accessing the database instance](# Why you can get the value by. (Dot) + column name when accessing the database instance)

Why you can get the value by. (Dot) + column name when accessing the database instance

Because it is an instance (object) created by a class that inherits Active Record, it is possible to get the value using the .method. Since it is not the usual Ruby notation, I want to get the value for the hash object, so if I write it with dots, an error will occur.

How to get the hash value in Ruby


hash = {name: 'hoge', email: '[email protected]'}

=> "hoge"

# .I get an error when I try to get it with
NoMethodError (undefined method `name' for {:name=>"hoge", :email=>"[email protected]"}:Hash)
How to get a value in an object created from a class that inherits AR


#Assuming that the Hash class has already been defined, Hash.Create an instance with new
hash = Hash.new(name: 'hoge', email: '[email protected]')

=> "hoge"

=> "hoge"

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