[JAVA] How to run NullpoMino 7.5.0 on Ubuntu 20.04.1 64bit version

Java preparation

Download java 8



tar xzf jre-8u261-linux-x64.tar.gz

Preparing NullpoMino 7.5.0

https://github.com/nullpomino/nullpomino/releases/ From NullpoMino7.5.0_linux.tar.gz download


tar xzf  NullpoMino7.5.0_linux.tar.gz
cd NullpoMino7_5_0


+ export PATH=$PATH:../jre1.8.0_261/bin/
  cd `dirname $0`


cd ./NullpoMino7_5_0/


It worked fine. There is also a sound effect. (I don't know if there is BGM. It didn't flow.)

Failure example

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