[RUBY] I want to introduce the committee with Rails without getting too dirty


--I want to introduce Request and Response Validation in the committee to add API for public release to Rails project. --If you put it as middleware of Rack, it will affect the existing processing.


Add committee to Gemfile and bundle install.

gem 'committee'

All you have to do now is create a class to use the committee and call it from the Controller.


module PublicApi
  class CommitteeValidator
    attr_reader :request_object

    def initialize(request_object)
      @request_object = request_object

    def committee_options
        schema_path: Rails.root.join('schema', 'swagger.yml').to_s,
        prefix: '/public_api/v1'

    def validate_request!
      unless schema_validator.link_exist?
        request = "`#{request_object.request_method} #{request_object.path_info}` undefined in schema."
        raise Committee::InvalidRequest.new(request)


    def validate_response!(status, headers, body)
      schema_validator.response_validate(status, headers, [body], true) if validate_response?(status)

    def validate_response?(status)
      Committee::Middleware::ResponseValidation.validate?(status, committee_options.fetch(:validate_success_only, false))

    def schema
      @schema ||= Committee::Middleware::Base.get_schema(committee_options)

    def router
      @router ||= schema.build_router(committee_options)

    def schema_validator
      @schema_validator ||= router.build_schema_validator(request_object)


module PublicApi
  module V1
    class BaseController < ApplicationController
      before_action :validate_request
      after_action :validate_response


      def committee_validator
        @committee_validator ||= ::PublicApi::CommitteeValidator.new(request)

      def validate_request
      rescue Committee::InvalidRequest => e
        # render_bad_request

      def validate_response
        committee_validator.validate_response!(response.status, response.headers, response.body)
      rescue StandardError => e
        Rails.logger.error("#{e.class}: #{ex.message}\n#{ex.backtrace.join("\n")}")

After that, rescue it nicely and change the process according to the specifications. With this kind of feeling, you can introduce it while suppressing the influence on the outside of Public Api!

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