Initial data input with [Rails] seed_fu!

What is seed_fu

seed-fu is a syntax that already exists but you can update only the records you want to change, execute it on a file-by-file basis, and write it easily. It is a convenient gem with sugar.

How to use

  1. Describe the following in the Gemfile.

gem 'seed-fu'

Also execute this.

$ bundle install
  1. Create a directory to put the seed file.

#Must-have directory

#Create different data for each environment
  1. Create a seed file in db / fixtures below.


Category.seed do |c| = 1 = 'HTML'

Category.seed do |c| = 2 = 'CSS'

Category.seed do |c| = 3 = 'Ruby'
  1. Execute the seed_fu command.

$ rails db:seed_fu


Use seed_once

Use seed_once if you don't want to update the data once it's created.

Category.seed_once do |s| = 1 = 'HTML'

Syntax sugar

When creating a seed file, you can write as follows in addition to the above description.

 { id: 1, name: 'HTML' },
 { id: 2, name: 'CSS' },
 { id: 3, name: 'Ruby' },

Create data from CSV file



Write the process to read from CSV.


require 'csv'

csv ='db/fixtures/development/category.csv')
csv.each do |category|
 Category.seed do |s| = category[0] #Here id = category[1] #Here name

Finally execute the following command

$ rails db:seed_fu

User created

Since the password is not set properly in seed_fu, use the default seed.


User.create!(id: 1, name: 'yuh', email: '[email protected]',
password: 'password', password_confirmation: 'password')

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