[JAVA] Setting project environment variables in intelliJ


I think you need to set project-specific environment variables when you are assigned to a new project. It is a memo of the setting method in intellij. Probably windows will not change, but the demo is for Mac.

Setting method

  1. Open the menu preference> Build, Execution, Deployment> Build Tools> Maven> Runner

  2. Click "..." at the right end of Environment Variables

スクリーンショット 2018-03-14 14.37.06.png
  1. Add from + at the bottom of the opened window
スクリーンショット 2018-03-14 14.37.32.png

that's all

The variables set here are automatically set in the environment variables of the Maven project set in Run. If you want to set for each type of Run, make the same setting for each Run from Edit Configuration of Run.

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