[JAVA] Convert an array that may be null to a stream

I'm a little worried every time, so I'll write it as a memorandum


All you have to do is remember the idea of returning an empty stream with orElse




Thing you want to do

I want to stream an array that may be null.


Extended for statements, ╩╗Arrays # stream, and Stream # of` are not null safe. But it is troublesome to check null every time.

When using a for statement

String[] arr = null;

for (String s : arr) { //Here NullPointerException

When using Arrays

String[] arr = null;

Arrays.stream(arr) //Here NullPointerException

// Stream#of also internally Arrays#Seems to be using stream
Stream.of(arr) //Here NullPointerException

Use Optional

When using Optional

String[] arr = null;

Optional.ofNullable(arr)     //Optional at this point<String[]>
     .map(Arrays.stream)     //Optional at this point<Stream<String>>
     .orElse(Stream.empty()) //Stream at this point<String>,Stream the contents of the array

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