[RUBY] Why put a line break at the end of the file

I thought I was writing a Ruby program, so I made a note.

Why do you put a line break on the last line?

On POSIX, a text file is a collection of "lines", and a "line" consists of "zero or more characters + line breaks" (Qiita). Even in Ruby code, there's no reason why you shouldn't follow it (unless you do something weird). Even in C, code that does not end with a newline is not guaranteed to work properly.

――It's decided --An error may occur if there is no line break

It seems like that.

Setting to insert automatic modification when saving a file with VS Code

  1. Open Settings in Toolbar> Code> Preferences> Settings
  2. Search for "insert newline"
  3. Check the "Files: Insert Final Newline" item

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