Container does not start with docker-compose

(Digression) I touched docker for the first time and introduced it.

Beginners needed knowledge from the basics of networks and had a hard time. First, I will introduce the books I learned when introducing docker.

  1. Kitami-style illustration IT school basic information engineer Reiwa 2002 Kindle version
  2. [Try and understand] How Linux works-Basic knowledge of OS and hardware learned through experiments and illustrations Kindle version
  3. Docker / Kubernetes Practical Container Development Introduction Kindle Edition
  4. (This is the site) Introduction Docker

Container does not start with docker-compose

Container environment -macOS catalina 10.15.7 -Docker version 19.03.13 -docker desktop version Rails + nginx + unicorn + mysql The cause was that unused data was accumulated in the background while I was typing commands many times by trial and error.

special thanks>> I referred to this article for environment construction.

Command struck docker-compose build docker-compose up (container creation, execution) docker-compose down --volumes (Delete container, delete data of saved file specified outside docker at the same time) Delete the image by selecting the icon on docker desktop


The following command will delete all Docker images, including those that are not moving. docker stop $(docker ps -q) docker rm $(docker ps -aq) docker rmi $(docker images -q)

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