[RUBY] Sidekiq-limit_fetch does not work

I wanted to manage the number of parallel processing executions in the development of ruby ​​on rails, but it didn't work, so I will talk about the cause.

What is Sidekiq-limit_fetch?

Sidekiq-limit_fetch is a gem for managing the number of parallel processing executions in sidekiq.



gem 'sidekiq-limit_fetch'


  - queue1
  - queue2

  queue1: 2
  queue2: 5

In the above case, queue1 has 2 parallel executions and queue2 has 5 parallel executions.

The story that Sidekiq-limit_fetch didn't work

As mentioned above, the number of parallel executions exceeds the specified number even though the gem of sidekiq-limit_fetch is used.

The cause of this was overriding the limit setting function by other gems.


gem 'serverspec'

Due to the above gem, the set function described in Sidekiq-limit_fetch was not processed normally. serverspec is a gem for automating server testing. So by removing the serverspec from the Gemfile, sidekiq-limit_fetch will do the job for you.

However, since the phenomenon that the number of parallel executions rarely exceeded continued to occur, I found it safer to write the code that manages the number of job executions by myself.

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