Role of JSP in Web application [Java]

What is a web application?

In this article, I will briefly explain the JSP </ font> that is often introduced in creating web applications.

A web application is an application that runs on a web server. Web applications have become indispensable in our daily lives. For example, you can shop online and read news through a web browser, but those services are systems provided in the form of web applications.

How the web app works

Web applications can be broadly divided into three parts: (1) Web browser, (2) Network, and (3) Web server. First, the user accesses the web server of the service he / she wants to receive via the network while operating the web browser (the user's access to the web server is called a request). The web server then returns a response to the web browser over the network.

Role of JSP

JSP is a Java program that runs on a web server. Its role is screen display </ font>. Since it is possible to write a Java program in JSP, it is possible to have functions other than screen display. However, it is common to leave functions other than screen display to a file called Servlet. Maintainability is improved by clarifying the division of roles for each file type.

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