Java specification memo

A personal memo that I haven't put together with the intention of letting others read it.

Primitive Type


Inheritance example:

interface Foo {
    void bar();

class Foo extends Bar implements Foo {

Multiple inheritance


Override of equals

final, finally, finalize











External class

Inner class

Local class

static inner class



Deque Double-ended queue. Since it implements Queue interface, it can be used as Queue, but Stack is a class, so it is not implemented. On the other hand, Stack is recommended in the Stack documentation, such as Use Deque over Stack. You should use Deque when you need a wind interface. Stack implements Vector, which allows index access that seems unnecessary.

In general, LinkedList has $ O (1) $ for all operations, and an implementation like ArrayDeque has an additional worst calculation time of $ O (n) $, but Time Complexity for all operations is $ O in Amortized Analysis. (1) It becomes $.

Class that reserves a continuous area of the heap

Be careful not to use too much memory

Legacy class


There are two main ways to implement arbitrary class comparisons.


class Foo implements Comparable<Foo> {
    int key;

    public Foo(int key) { 
        this.key = key;

    public int compareTo(Foo f){
        return this.key - f.key;

Collections.sort(fooList, Collections.reverseOrder());

class FooComparator implements Comparator<Foo> {
    public int compare(Foo a, Foo b) {
        return a.key - b.key;

Collections.sort(fooList, new FooComparator());


Example of usage

class Foo implements Runnable {
    public void run() {
        while (true) System.out.print(".");

Foo foo = new Foo();
Thread thread = new Thread(foo);

Classes that are not thread-safe

It is necessary to handle with synchronized etc. when there is access in parallel


There are the following types of references:


Other things I want to find out later

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