ruby map method

What is the map method?

A method that makes changes to an array and returns the array.

How to write { |variable|
  #The process you want to execute

Or name)

Execution example

In case of writing method 1

a=[2,5,3]{ |hoge| 


#Result b=[4,10,6]

First, 2 in a [0] is assigned to hoge. And with hoge * 2, 4 goes into b [0]. Then 5 in a [1] is assigned to hoge. And with hoge * 2, 10 goes into b [1]. Finally, 3 in a [2] is assigned to hoge. And with hoge * 2, 6 goes into b [2].

The result is an array b = [4,10,6].

How to write 2 (&: method name) example

a=["Apple","Spotted seal","Deer"]

Result b=[3,7,2]

The length method is a method that returns the length of a string.

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