Classes and instances Java for beginners

environment ・ MacBook pro ・ IntelliJ IDEA CE

I will post it for output while learning Java.

About classes and instances

Class: Design document, skeleton Instance: An entity created based on a class

You have been instructed by your boss to build a human world care robot and one of its sister robots from a mass-produced cat robot factory.

My boss gave me detailed data.

About human world care robots
Name: Dora Emon
Color: blue
Gender: Male

About Dora Emon's sister robot
Name: Dorami-chan
Color: pink
Gender: Woman

Create the above two bodies.

Looking at the detailed data, three elements are required. ・ Name ・ Color ・ Gender (sex)

First, complete the class as instructed by your boss.

class Dora {
    String name;
    String color;
    String sex;

    Robot(String name, String color , String sex){ = name;
        this.color = color; = sex;

    String sayBox(){
        return name +"is. color is,"+color+"is. what is your gender"+sex+"is.";

Now you have a class.

Next, create an instance (details).

public class RobotFactory {
    public static void main(String[] args){
        Dora robota = new Dora("Dora picture mon","Blue","Man");

        Dora roboco = new Dora("Dora Minoru","pink","woman");

I will output it. スクリーンショット 2020-10-14 14.57.28.png

It's a success. : relaxed:

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