Cloud9 (Rails) from Github

  1. Clone from Github
  2. Install bundle
  3. skillhub(source~,yarn install --check-files, rails webpacker:install)
  4. Create database
  5. Start the server ex. About errors (contents and countermeasures)

Clone from Github Let's clone it from Github first. Check the URL of the source code on github and enter the command as follows.

$ git clone [URL of the source code to clone]

Install bundle The clone is completed above, but since I just cloned the application from git, when I try to start the server, an error occurs. First, let's do bundle install so that the application can be run in your local environment.

$ bundle install
    1. Download YARN Type the following command. This command will even download the necessary files.
$ source <(curl -sL
  1. Install YARN Install yarn with the following command.
 $ yarn install --check-files
    1. Install WEBPACKER
 $ rails webpacker:install
  1. Create database Let's create a database. The following command will create a database based on the settings in config / database.yml.
 $ rails db:create
 $ rails db:migrate


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