[RUBY] Install qiita_org


Preface (Introduction)

The tool that tries to do Qiita articles from creation to posting in the terminal is qiita_org. In this article, we will perform everything from installation to various settings based on Creator's Qiita article, and finally make a simple example.



> gem install qiita_org

Check if it entered properly

> qiita
  qiita all [teams/public/private] [options]    # post all org files in the directory
  qiita config [global/local] [option] [input]  # set config
  qiita get [qiita/teams] [ITEM_ID]             # get qiita report
  qiita help [COMMAND]                          # Describe available commands or one specific c...
  qiita list [qiita/teams]                      # view qiita report list
  qiita post [FILE] [private/public/teams]      # post to qiita from org
  qiita say_hello                               # say_hello
  qiita template                                # make template.org
  qiita upload [FILE] [teams/public/private]    # upload about image to qiita
  qiita version                                 # show version

Completed successfully.



Install qiita_org to use pandoc with the get command.

> brew install pandoc
> sudo apt update
> sudo apt install pandoc

Create configuration file

Execute the following command to create a configuration file

> qiita config global

Then, a configuration file called .qiita.conf will be created in your home directory.

At the moment,

/Users/[User Name]/.qiita.conf

  "name": ""
  "email": ""
  "access_token": ""
  "teams_url": ""
  "ox_qmd_load_path": ""

It has become.

Change configuration file and issue Qiita access token

Set one by one from the top.

> qiita config global name "Your Name"
> qiita config global email "Your Email address"

--Access token

Issue a new personal access token in Qiita's Application for Settings. Write a description of the access token and check all in the scope.

Copy the access token displayed after the page changes and execute the following ** * Please note that the access token will not be displayed again when you move the page !! **

> qiita config global access_token "Your Access token"

--Teams URL

Required for the teams option. Write the URL of the Qiita Team you belong to. However, if you don't have it, you don't have to do anything.

> qiita config global teams_url "Your Qiita Teams URL"

** * Be careful not to forget to add/at the end of the URL **

Create ox-qmd.el under ~/.emacs.d/site \ _lisp.

Then add the following to ~/.emacs.d/init.el.

;;Set the location of el files
(setq load-path (cons "~/.emacs.d/site_lisp" load-path))

(require 'ox-qmd)
(add-to-list 'ox-qmd-language-keyword-alist '("ruby" . "ruby"))

This completes the initial settings.

Simple example

For example, if you create an appropriate org file with the template command, edit it with the following contents, and post it with the post command.

 * equation <2020-10-28 water>
     \int_{x=1}^{x=3}\ln \left(\frac{1}{4x}\right) {\rm d}x

You can create an article like the one below.

equation & lt; 2020-10-28 Wed & gt;

\int_{x=1}^{x=3}\ln \left(\frac{1}{4x}\right) {\rm d}x

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