[JAVA] Is it possible to put the library (aar) in the Android library (aar) and use it?

I tried to make a library (aar) containing a library (aar) ...


・ You can't do it normally! -Compile passes, but the dependency is unknown, and when using it in a project, it fails with NoClassDefFoundError when using the library. -If you include a library called android-fat-aar, you can merge dependencies, but it has not been developed and has not been updated for 2 years (https://github.com/adwiv/android- fat-aar) -You can do it by uploading the aar integrated in the Maven repository and the packed aar and setting the dependency in pom.xml, but it is not very smart and troublesome ・ If you put the integrated aar and the packed aar in libs and pass the path to both, it will not fall, but this is also not smart


Android Studio Create AAR using another AAR file and jar inside(stack overflow) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40405465/android-studio-create-aar-using-another-aar-file-and-jar-inside


Please let me know if you have a good idea

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