About java var

Java variable declaration var

This is a memo for organizing Java Silver study ...

How to use var

--Appeared from SE10 --Type inference of local variables --Data type is inferred according to the value on the right side

var v1 = "hoge";  //Treated as a String
var v2 = 123;     //Treated as an int

--Because it is variable type inference, ** declaration only ** cannot be done-> because type inference cannot be done without assigning a value --Therefore, ** null assignment is not possible **

var v3;           //This is a compile error
var v4 = "huga";  //ok
var v5 = null;    //This is also a compile error

--Cannot declare multiple variables

int i1 = 1, i2 = 2, i3 = 3;  //ok
var v6 = 6, v7 = 7, v8 = 8;  //Compile error

--Cannot be used as a method formal argument type

String piyo(var val){
//Compile error

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