[RUBY] [Rails] I want to load CSS with webpacker

If you use rails ver.6 or higher, I wanted to read CSS with webpacker instead of ʻasset pipeline`, so I implemented it, so it's a memo.

Directory structure

From README.md of webpacker.

  └── packs:
      # only webpack entry files here
      └── application.js
      └── application.css


It is assumed that rails new is completed. If you are using a version lower than rails6, install webpacker as well.

Create new folder / file

Follow the directory structure of ↑. Create ʻapplication.css` file in app / javascript / packs

Entry point

The entry point is packs / application.js, so import the application.css file.


import "packs/application.css";

Edit application.html.erb

Describe the following in views / layouts / application.html.erb. Probably the default is stylesheets_link_tag, so I wondered if I should change it to stylesheets_pack_tag.

<%= javascript_pack_tag 'application' %>
<%= stylesheet_pack_tag 'application' %>

Write CSS

All you have to do is write CSS. Next, I would like to introduce React and Vue.js.

This time, I just wrote down the procedure, so if you want to know the contents in a little more detail, ↓ will be helpful.


Rails 6+ Webpacker development environment was set up by a JS strong man (translation) I want to see css and images with webpacker Separate styles for each page with webpacker

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