[JAVA] Download with Spring Boot



I want to download without screen transition, but I was a little disappointed to use the HttpResponseHeader class, so I implemented it using only the Spring package class. Note that the client-side implementation is likely to be forgotten.



public ResponseEntity<byte[]> download() {
    byte[] data = xxx; // xxx:byte[]Format object
    // ResponseHeader
    HttpHeaders header = new HttpHeaders();
    header.add("Content-Type", "yyy"); // yyy:Any Content-Type
    header.add("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename*=utf-8''" + URLEncoder.encode("zzz", "UTF-8")); // zzz:Arbitrary file name
    header.add("Set-Cookie", "fileDownload=true; path=/");

    return new ResponseEntity<byte[]>(data, header, HttpStatus.OK);


//Add event when submitting form
$("#myform").submit(function() {
  startLoading(); //Round and round method
  const COOKIE_KEY_FILEDOWNLOAD = 'fileDownload=';
  var isFileDownload = false;
  //Repeat until download is complete
  var intervalId = setInterval(function() {
    //Get fileDownload from cookie
    const COOKIES = document.cookie;
    var position = COOKIES.indexOf(COOKIE_KEY_FILEDOWNLOAD);
    if (position >= 0) {
      var startIdx = position + COOKIE_KEY_FILEDOWNLOAD.length;
      var endIdx = COOKIES.indexOf(';', startIdx);
      if (endIdx < 0) {
        endIdx = COOKIES.length;
      isFileDownload = decodeURIComponent(COOKIES.substring(startIdx, endIdx)) == 'true';
    //If fileDownload is true, it ends repeatedly
    if (isFileDownload) {
      var date = new Date();
      date.setTime(date.getTime() - 1);
      document.cookie = COOKIE_KEY_FILEDOWNLOAD + 'false; path=/; max-age=0';
      stopLoading(); //A method to stop round and round
  }, 500);


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