[SWIFT] I want to temporarily disable the swipe gesture of UIPageViewController


Suppose you have a View configuration like this. スクリーンショット 2020-12-14 12.48.04.png

With "UIViewController-D" displayed in the push transition from "UIViewController-C" on the UINavigationController, I want to return to "UIViewController-C" by swiping on the left edge of the screen (blue arrow). The actual operation is "UIViewController-A" is displayed (red arrow). スクリーンショット 2020-12-14 12.43.30.png Apparently, the UIPageViewController's swipe gesture is prioritized over the UINavigationController's swipe gesture ...


I was able to disable swipes by setting the UIPageViewController's dataSource to nil. When UIViewController-D was displayed, I was able to solve the problem by posting a Notification to UIPageViewController, setting the dataSource to nil, and returning it when the screen disappears.

class PageViewController: UIPageViewController {
    static let needToChangeSwipeEnabledNotification = Notification.Name("NotificationForChangeMainPageSwipeEnabled")

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        dataSource = self
            .addObserver(forName: PageViewController.needToChangeSwipeEnabledNotification,
                         object: nil,
                         queue: nil,
                         using: { [weak self] notification in
                            guard let canSwipe = notification.object as? Bool else { return }
                            self?.changeSwipeEnabled(to: canSwipe)

    private func changeSwipeEnabled(to canSwipe: Bool) {
        dataSource = canSwipe ? self : nil

class ViewController_D: UIViewController {

    override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
        NotificationCenter.default.post(name: PageViewController.needToChangeSwipeEnabledNotification, object: false)

    override func viewDidDisappear(_ animated: Bool) {
        NotificationCenter.default.post(name: PageViewController.needToChangeSwipeEnabledNotification, object: true)

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