Cut out a Ruby string


It will be a memo for learning

Since two integers separated by spaces and a character string are input, output a substring of the range of two integers.

Input example 1
2 6
this is a pen

Output example 1
his i
Input example 2
2 6
Welcome to the paiza! I`m studying ruby!

Output example 2

Source code

nums = gets.chomp.split(" ")
str = gets.chomp.split("")

for i in (nums[0].to_i - 1)..(nums[1].to_i - 1)
     print str[i]


nums = gets.chomp.split(" ")
str = gets.chomp.split("")

Nums is the output range, and str is the character string decomposed and assigned to the input numbers and character strings.

gets method: Receives input as a "character string" line by line. chomp method: Removes line breaks in character strings. split method: Splits a character string into an array.

for i in (nums[0].to_i - 1)..(nums[1].to_i - 1)

Convert the range from nums [0] to nums [1] to an integer with the for statement and assign it to the i variable.

print str[i]

Output the range of i variables in the string of str


I would appreciate it if you could point out any mistakes.

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