[RAILS] Uninitialized constant ~~ error

I'm new to programming. I started attending a programming school this month and made a tweet app with Ruby on Rails. We were advancing the curriculum "Let's implement the comment function!" As soon as you write the code according to the curriculum, make a comment in the comment field at the end, and press the "SEND" button

The error statement "uninitialized constant ~~" is ...

I also thought it might be a misspelled code or something. No matter how many times I reviewed the curriculum (if I did the curriculum code and copy)

I just get an "uninitialized constant ~~" error.

When I googled, it seems that the class name or the directory was entered incorrectly, so when I looked at the directory, the characters "commennts.controller.erb" were found. .. .. I misspelled "comment".

Rewrite all the directory names written as "commennt", access localhost: 3000 again, and

If you comment in the comment field and press the "SEND" button

I made a comment! !! !! !! Error resolution! !! !! !!

It's not a code mistake, but a misspelled directory name that causes an error. .. ..

This is the error experience story of programming beginners.

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