[RUBY] Introduced gRPC client to rails


Since it is necessary to get information from other services in the implementation of the product (Rails) in charge of PM in the company, and the API interface was defined by gRPC instead of OpenAPI, implement the gRPC client. Did. Since I was a little touching around gRPC in rails in my previous job, I thought that it would increase the development man-hours of the team relatively if I did it, so I decided to do it myself. The output about it.

Implementation procedure

1. Introducing gem


gem "google-protobuf" 
gem "grpc-tools"
gem "gruf"
docker-compose run --rm web bundle install
2. Register the repository where the proto file is managed as a subdirectory of the application with the submodule, and fetch the proto file from the original repository.
$ git submodule add [web URL or ssh key] proto
$ git submodule init
$ cd proto
$ git submodule update
3. Compile the proto file into a ruby file
docker-compose run --rm web grpc_tools_ruby_protoc -I [Proto directory to compile] --ruby_out=[Directory where files are saved after compilation] --grpc_out=[Directory where files are saved after compilation] [Proto directory to compile内の対象ファイル]
4. Read setting of ruby file (* _pb.rb) after compilation

After compiling, the file name and class name do not mesh with each other, and it does not follow Rails loading rules and is not automatically loaded, so you need to specify it.


require "gruf"

Gruf.configure do
  Dir.glob(Rails.root.join("[Directory where files are saved after compilation]/*_pb.rb")).each do |file|
    require file

In the compiled file, it is automatically specified as shown below, and it is necessary to add it to ʻauto_load_path. From e.g. [gruf-demo](https://github.com/bigcommerce/gruf-demo/blob/master/app/rpc/app/proto/Products_services_pb.rb) require 'Products_pb'`


  class Application < Rails::Application
    config.paths.add [Compiled ruby file directory], eager_load: true
5. Implementation of the part where the client calls the server

Up to this point, the client implementation now that all compiled ruby files can be used.

I was worried about whether to use a module, but in the existing implementation, the client-related processing was integrated in the service layer, so I decided to follow it this time as well.


class GrpcClientService
  def initialize
    @metadata = {
      login: ENV["GRPC_CLIENT"],
      password: ENV["GRPC_PASSWORD"]

  def run(service_klass, method, request)
    client = Gruf::Client.new(
      service: service_klass,
      options: {
        hostname: ENV["GRPC_HOST"],
        channel_credentials: :this_channel_is_insecure

    client.call(method, request.to_h, @metadata)

Impressions of introducing it

I used gruf in my previous job, so I thought I could afford it, but I thought it would be quite different from just using it. I regret that I should have read the code around the settings.

Also, this time the gRPC server was written in go, and when the call from the client did not go well, I had a hard time reading the code and eventually gave up, so I wanted to study go as well.

Also, I got a little stuck because I misunderstood that I put metadata at the time of client initialization (Gruf :: Client.new) (actually I put it in the argument at the time of call), so I wrote it in the library Wiki After all, I realized once again that it is a rudimentary thing that I have to read the code firmly.

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