[RUBY] Switch the version of bundler


I'm thinking of producing output for beginners, I am writing an article. I'm a complete amateur who hasn't been to the scene yet. If you make a mistake, I would appreciate it if you could comment.

Target audience

When I tried to install docker-compose in my development environment, I was angry that the version of bundler was wrong. And I decided to change the version of bandler, but there was surprisingly little information. So, for those who need to switch the version of bundler, I am posting an article as a reference.

Development environment

Ruby: 2.6.5 Ruby on Rails: 6.0.0

Steps to update bundler

There are 4 steps, but it's easy, so you can do it in an instant.

Check if the version you want to install is available.

$ gem search ^bundler$ --all

All the versions you can install will come, so find the version you need.

Install the required version

$ gem install bundler -v '1.3.4'

The quoted version is installed.

Delete Gemfile.lock

$ rm Gemfile.lock

Rest assured that even if you delete it, it will be generated at bundle install.

Bundle install with the installed version

$ bundle _1.3.4_ install

This should change the description of Gemfile.lock as well,

⚠️ Please use the appropriate version for all versions.

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