[RAILS] Use the l method for time notation


When I was looking up to display the operating hours of the store, I found that I could specify the time notation by using something called strftime.


 <%= @laundry.open_time.strftime('%-H:%M')%> 〜 <%= @laundry.close_time.strftime('%-H:%M')%> 

Now you can write `07: 00 ~ 23: 00`. However, I was worried that `strftime ('% H:% M')` was repeated twice, and when I was investigating other methods, I found the l method (El method). Record the process of changing from the above writing style to the writing style with the l method.

Flow until using l method

1 Set the time zone (It was already set when strftime was used, but I will describe it so that I can look back in the future)
Before using the l method, it is necessary to set the time zone so that it is displayed in Japan time (if it is not set, it will be ```UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) `` `, and Japan There is a difference of 9 hours from the time)

config/application.Describe as follows in rb.

#### **`config/application.rb`**

 config.time_zone = 'Tokyo'

2 Change the default language to ja, create yml file
Set the language to Japanese by writing the following in the same file as 1.


config.i18n.default_locale = :ja

Create the file in `config / locales``` with the name ``` ja.yml```. (The file is read by matching the country name (ja in the case of Japan) following default_locale with 〇〇 in `〇〇.yml```) in config / locales)

3 Create a format in `` `ja.yml```


      default: '%-H:%M'

You can change the time notation to your liking by changing the description after default:.

4 Display the time set in 3 in the view file This is where the l method comes in. By using the l method, the time is displayed using the format specified in the yml file. To use it, add l to the head.


<%= l @laundry.open_time %> 〜 <%= l @laundry.close_time %>

Now you can display your preference in time notation without writing `` `strftime``` directly in the view file.

view (strftime direct writing)

 <%= @laundry.open_time.strftime('%-H:%M')%> 〜 <%= @laundry.close_time.strftime('%-H:%M')%> 

view (using l method)

<%= l @laundry.open_time %> 〜 <%= l @laundry.close_time %>

Use the l method to change the look to be neat! !! By the way, it is also possible to prepare multiple formats and use them properly (see the reference article below).

Reference article


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