[Ruby] Module


--Something like a "class that can't be instantiated". --The Class class is a subclass of the Module class. --"Class = module + instantiation capability"


--Restricted multiple inheritance

--Ruby can only inherit one class. ――Ruby can inherit any number of modules that are "like a class but not a class". --Calling a class inheriting a module include.

Modules and inheritance

--The include module will appear in the class's ancestors method.

-** When a class include a module, you get an instance method of the module **.


--Modules cannot be instantiated. --Mix-in is just a "topping". It is a "module" for providing an implementation according to the main class, not a concrete object.


--Classes with the same name belonging to different namespaces are treated differently even if they happen to have the same name. --In Ruby, it is customary to use modules to provide namespaces.


-First Ruby

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