Create a native extension of Ruby in Rust

Yesterday, I posted Article on making native extensions of Ruby in Mac environment, and I was able to confirm the settings that work on Windows and Linux.


The basics are the same as last time.

The first thing that changed was, and I was able to get common values ​​for Win, Mac, and Linux from the Ruby config for the library name.

use std::process::Command;

fn rb_config(key: &str) -> String {
    let output = Command::new("ruby")
        .args(&["-e", &format!("print RbConfig::CONFIG['{}']", key)])
        .expect("failed run ruby");

    return String::from_utf8(output.stdout).unwrap();

fn main() {
    println!("cargo:rustc-link-search={}", rb_config("libdir"));
    println!("cargo:rustc-link-lib={}", rb_config("RUBY_SO_NAME"));

Next is Rakefile, which I changed from Makefile to make it easier to run on Windows. The Windows environment supported by Rust is mingw and msvc, but it enforces mingw.


require 'fileutils'
require 'json'

NAME = JSON.parse(`cargo metadata --format-version=1`).dig("packages", 0, "name")
TARGET_SO = "#{NAME}.#{RbConfig::CONFIG["DLEXT"]}"

desc "Delete artifacts"
task :clean do
  sh "cargo clean"

desc "Create native extension"
task :build do
  env = {}
  when /mingw/
    env = {"RUSTUP_TOOLCHAIN" => "stable-#{RbConfig::CONFIG["host_cpu"]}-pc-windows-gnu"}
    cargo_out = "target/release/#{NAME}.dll"
  when /darwin/
    cargo_out = "target/release/lib#{NAME}.dylib"
  when /linux/
    cargo_out = "target/release/lib#{NAME}.so"
    raise "Platform #{RUBY_PLATFORM} is not supported"
  sh env, "cargo build --release"
  cp cargo_out, TARGET_SO, preserve: true, verbose: true

desc "Run Ruby script"
task :run => [:clean, :build] do
  ruby "run.rb"

Others unchanged

from now on

To publish it as a gem, gemspec etc. are required, so I will investigate it in the future.

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