[RUBY] [Personal development] I made a site to recruit test users!

at first

Previously, the creator of MENTA said in the video, "I don't know if the web application will be used until it's published." I made an app promotion site specializing in beta version. Such a site is still in beta and the design is quite rough. When it comes to be used, we will change the design and add functions.

URL: https://testuser-b.herokuapp.com/

Why do you need a test user?

I don't know if there is demand unless the web application is published. You might think that you can look it up in a market research, but you're just told to use it only by mouth, and you don't know if those people will really use it after it's released.

So, I have no choice but to actually publish whether there is really demand. It's too sad to say that it took months to develop and wasn't used by anyone. Web apps have a lower probability of hitting (about 6%)

Therefore, it would be nice to make a beta version so that there is little damage even if it does not hit, but it is difficult to get it used. Since web apps are advertised in perfect condition, existing web app advertisers are not willing to accept the beta version. So this Test User β was born.


Technology used rails6 ruby2.7 heroku free (set not to sleep)

Development time is several hours Logo is self-made Development costs and server fees are free.


I don't know if the web application will be used until it is published Market research alone does not tell

Please use it anyway. Thank you (^ _-)-☆ URL: https://testuser-b.herokuapp.com/

Please also my Twitter. I'm tweeting what I noticed during development. https://twitter.com/Yuuki49079799

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