[Ruby] When you want to replace multiple characters

gsub method

If you want to replace multiple characters, you can use gsub to replace them as specified. I received a comment from @scivola and corrected the article. @scivola Thank you very much for your kindness!

gsub [Replace all the parts you want to replace]

The following example

x = "TOKYO"
y = x.gsub(/[TOKY]/, "T" => "5", "O" => "3", "K" => "6", "Y" => "1")
puts y
=> 53613

It will replace the corresponding ones character by character. Also, since it is converted to a character string at the time of replacement, the result does not change whether you write 5 or "5".

String # tr method

Also, for "replacement" that replaces one character with one character, it seems simpler and faster to use the dedicated method String # tr than to use gsub!

y = x.tr("TOKY", "5361")

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