[RUBY] About Docker, disguise server and container

Docker! Virtual server! container! about

What is Docker

Open source software for developing, deploying, and executing applications using containerization!


What is a virtual server?

A mechanism to virtually run multiple servers on one server!

What is a container?

An execution environment that is isolated from other users. It has a shorter startup time than a virtual server, and if you have the same performance hardware, you can run more containers at the same time!

About the type of deployment

What is a canary release?

A method of exposing new features to only some users and verifying that the new version has no bugs. Even if there is a problem with the service, it will not affect the whole! something like.

What is blue-green deployment?

A deployment operation method that uses a virtual server, prepares two production environments, and can set the version for each. Since we will prepare two, if a problem occurs in either one, you can change the direction of the request to either one, so you can roll back the one that has a problem in the meantime!

What is immutable deployment?

A method of switching to a new environment at the time of deployment by building an environment that does not always change. It will erase the old environment!

Docker official http://docs.docker.jp/


You've got an overview of Docker. As a bonus, the type of cloud is often used, so I will post it.


SaaS Abbreviation for "Software as a Service", read as "Thirth" or "Thirds". It refers to the situation where the service is used by directly accessing the server that provides the service without installing it on the client side! (Example) Office software such as Microsoft Office 365 Webmail such as Gmail Online storage such as Dropbox Groupware such as Cybozu

PaaS Abbreviation for "Platform as a Service", read as "Perspective". A service that provides a platform for publishing created applications on the network! (Example) Heroku

IaaS Abbreviation for "Infrastructure as a Service", read as "Earth" or "Earth". A service in which users who use the service provide virtualized CPU, memory, storage, etc. via the Internet! (Example) Microsoft Azure Google Compute Engine

That's all from the scene!

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