I want to get the value in Ruby

Make a note of the list of value acquisition in Ruby

Get value

■ Get the value in one line

value = gets

However, if this is left as it is, a line break will occur when outputting, so use the chomp method.

■ Get the line feed code cut off

value = gets.chomp

The to_i method is convenient when you want to calculate the acquired numerical value.

■ Get the value as a number

value = gets.to_i

to_i method can convert string to number Conversely, if you want to change a number to a string, use the to_s method

■ Get multiple elements from one line

a b c When the values are entered on one line separated by spaces like this, the split method value = gets.split(" ")

You can get the values in the form of an array by using the split method You can check the contents in the same form as an array like value [0] and value [1]

■ Get the value obtained in one line as an array

value = gets.chars

a b c When the values are entered on one line separated by spaces like this value = ["a", " ", "b", " ", "c"] Get the values as an array called

value = gets.chomp.split(" ") By writing like this, the line feed code can also be cut off, which is convenient. I think this is generally used

value = gets.split(" ").map(&:to_i) When all the values are numbers, you can get them in the form of an array and convert them to numbers at the same time by writing like this.

■ Get the value in multiple lines

value = readlines

redalines can get multi-line strings as a line-by-line array.

Unlike gets, typing a line break does not end keyboard input.

Please let me know if you make a mistake or have an easier way!

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