[RUBY] [Rails] Display popular posts in ranking format [Easy]

I'm creating a personally developed app, and I think it will be easier to use if you can see it in the order of popular posts. Basically, I implemented it while referring to this article.



get 'rank' => 'shops#rank'

In my case I set it to the rank action of the shops controller.



 def rank
    @all_ranks = Shop.find(Favorite.group(:id).order('count(shop_id) desc').limit(5).pluck(:shop_id))

Define rank method in shops controller. Display in the order of posts with the most likes.



- @all_ranks.each.with_index(1) do |shop, i|
      | No.
      = i
       = link_to shop.name, shop_path(shop)
       = link_to((image_tag shop.picture.url), shop_path(shop.id), class: 'shop-picture') if shop.picture.url.present?

Create a view file and display it. Excerpted as an example. After that, modify the appearance with CSS.


@all_ranks.each.with_index(1) do |shop, i|

From the above, you can display in descending order of likes.


The display in rank format has been completed easily.

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