[JAVA] I tried to explain what you can do in a popular language for web development from a beginner's point of view.

I'm Kazuki Tajima, an intern at Future Electronic Technology. Since you are a beginner in programming, the content may be incorrect. If there are any mistakes, I will correct them so please point out more and more.

I'm learning programming, but what can I do? ??

It's been less than a month since I started learning programming.

In the markup languages I first learned, such as HTML and CSS, I thought, "This will make your web page look better. It's cool."

However, as learning progressed, I learned that there are various paradigms in programming languages, and apparently I need to learn the complicated thing called algorithms.

** "What happens when you learn this ?!" **

** "There are too many languages !!" **

** "What can you do in which language ?!" **

I felt like that (laughs)

That's why I investigated what can be done for each programming language, so I will introduce it in this article.

However, there are so many types of languages, so this time I will focus on the languages of web applications and services (sweat).

1. PHP

PHP features

PHP is a language that makes it easy to create web services for commercial use.

Since it can be specialized in web application development, it has a simple grammar and is easy to understand even for beginners.

Also, WordPress, which is often used for blogging, is made by PHP, so I am very happy that it is easy to create EC sites linked with blogs.

What you can do with PHP

As mentioned above, what you can do with PHP is

--Web application development --Specifically, shopping cart function, inquiry form, login function, search function, etc. --SNS development

You can easily develop web applications.

2. Java

Java features

Java is a language that can simplify complicated processing, and is good at automating and streamlining business systems.

Java runs on a virtual machine called the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), so when a problem occurs on Java, I'm happy that it has little effect on other parts.

Also, because it is an object-oriented language, it lacks code that is easy to write and understand, but it takes time to design, so if you want to make a small system, it is better to use PHP introduced earlier.

[Supplement] A brief explanation of object orientation

Object-oriented is simply explained without fear of misunderstanding.

** "Make a certain thing, add detailed data to it, and use that thing" **

However, the way of understanding object-oriented is a little different from person to person, so please check it out.

In such an object-oriented language, the code is easy to read and cohesive, but it also has the disadvantage of taking time to pre-design.

What you can do with Java

--Business systems such as delivery systems and trading systems --Large-scale web services that require speed and robustness --Android application development (Java is used for most Android application development) --Game development

It is used in a wide range of fields.

As mentioned above, it would be better to use PHP for small-scale development.

3. Ruby

Features of Ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented language that allows you to easily launch web services and continuously improve and add functionality.

Ruby is a scripting language and has the feature that you can write the source code and execute and check it immediately.

Also, the path you always take when learning Ruby is the Ruby framework called ** Ruby on Rails **.

A framework, in simple terms, makes it easy to use a feature and makes you more productive when writing code.

This framework called Ruby on Rails is very rich, and the demand from companies that emphasize speed is increasing.

What you can do with Ruby

--Website production --Smartphone application development --API creation (creation of a mechanism for sharing functions with other software)

And so on.

How is it different from PHP?

"There is also ** website creation ** that can be done with PHP, but ** what is different from PHP? **"

Some may think that.

The strength of PHP is that it is easy to learn.

Also, in the case of Ruby, the framework is an option of Ruby on Rails, but in the case of PHP, it is also a point that various frameworks can be used.

On the other hand, Ruby has the advantage of having a framework called Ruby on Rails, which is extremely popular.

Also, since PHP is easy to execute, troubles are likely to occur in team development even if it is individual development, but in Ruby such a thing is unlikely to occur, so for team development Is also suitable.

It is important to choose a language based on these.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript features

JavaScript is an object-oriented language often used to add motion to web pages.

JavaScript is a beginner-friendly language because it can be run with a browser and a text editor.

What you can do with JavaScript

--Move the web page --Button implementation --Animation implementation such as slide show --Embedding of SNS --Implementation of calendar function etc. --Web application development --Smartphone application development --Game development

And so on.

I am good at moving websites, and I can add various functions to web pages that are surprisingly introduced here.


This time, we introduced what you can do with Web-based languages from a beginner's perspective, by language.

It is important to choose a language according to the purpose of what you want to make.

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