Create Chisel development environment with Windows10 + WSL2 + VScode + Docker

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Windows 10 version

For WSL2, Windows 10 should be version 2004 or higher.

You can check the version of Windows from the following.

[Settings]-> [Update and Security]-> [Windows Update]-> [OS Build Information (right side of window, [Related Links] column)]

WSL2 setup

Reference to enable WSL2


  1. Check [Control Panel]-> [Programs]-> [Turn Windows features on or off]-> [Windows Subsystem for Linux]. (Restart)

  2. From Windows Powershell (administrator privileges)

    dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:VirtualMachinePlatform /all /norestart
  3. From Windows Powershell (administrator privileges)

    wsl --set-default-version 2

Kernel component updates are required to run WSL 2. For more information wsl2kernel For the main differences from WSL 2, wsl2 ```

Is displayed, access and download / install the latest WSL2 Linux kernel update package. 4. Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from the Microsoft Store. 5. Start Ubuntu and complete the initial settings. Execute the following command.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y

Docker setup

Reference 1, Reference 2 Install Docker according to / docker-in-wsl2)

  1. Install Docker Desktop Stable or later from Docker Desktop WSL2 backend.

  2. In [Settings]-> [General], make sure that ʻUse the WSL 2 based engine` is checked.

  3. Enable ʻUbuntu-20.04 of ʻEnable integration with additional distros: in [Settings]-> [Resources]-> [WSL INTEGRATION].

VS Code setup

Reference 1, Reference 2 Enable WSL2 and Docker on VS Code according to / docker-in-wsl2).

  1. Install Remote --WSL, Remote --Containers from [Extensions] of VS Code

  2. Click the green > <mark (Open a Remote Window) at the bottom left of VS Code and select Remote --WSL: New Window Using Distro ...-> ʻUbuntu 20.04`.

After that, work with VS Code on the WSL side.

  1. Install Docker from [Extensions]

  2. Select Terminal-> New Terminal from the tab at the top of VS Code to open the terminal. Execute the following command (set the development folder)

    mkdir workspace
    mkdir workspace/chisel
  3. Open \ home \ <user_name> \ workspace \ chisel from [Explorer]-> [Open Folder] of VS Code.

  4. Create Dockerfile from [New File] and write the following contents.

    # Reference:
    FROM ubuntu:20.04
    # Install sbt
    RUN apt update
    RUN apt upgrade -y
    RUN apt install -y gnupg2
    RUN apt install -y default-jdk
    RUN echo "deb /" | tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sbt.list
    RUN apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv 642AC823
    RUN apt update
    RUN apt install -y sbt
    RUN apt install -y git make autoconf g++ flex bison
    # Install Verilator
    WORKDIR /tmp
    RUN git clone verilator
    WORKDIR /tmp/verilator
    RUN git pull
    RUN git checkout v4.016
    RUN autoconf
    RUN ./configure	
    RUN make
    RUN make install
    # Set volume
    VOLUME [ "/volume" ]
    WORKDIR /volume
  5. Click the green > <WSL: Ubuntu-20.04 at the bottom right, then click Remote-containers: Reopen in Container-> From Dockerfile

After that, work with VS Code in the Docker container

  1. Install Scala (Metals) from [Extensions](ʻInstall on Dev Container: Existing Dockerfile` button)

Checking the operation of Chisel

Reference, download the Chisel project template and try it.

  1. Download the template.

    git clone MyChiselProject
    cd MyChiselProject
  2. Clear the Git history.

    rm -rf git
    git init
    git add .gitignore *
  3. Rename the Project.

Open build.sbt and change the part wherename: = "my-chisel-project".

  1. Change as appropriate

  2. Commit your changes.

    git commit -m "Starting MyChiselProject"
  3. Check the operation

    sbt test

Success if [Success] Total time: ... is displayed on the last line

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