[Ruby] Errors when introducing bcrypt

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Error when introducing bcrypt

This is a summary of solutions to small errors that occurred when introducing gems and bcrypt for password encryption.

Part 1 An error occurred while installing bcrypt, and Bundler cannot continue.


gem 'bcrypt'

And when I ran bundle install,
An error occurred while installing bcrypt (3.1.13), and Bundler
cannot continue.
Error occurs.
Next, it is written in the error message,
gem install bcrypt -v’3.1.13’
When I execute, Permission denied occurs this time

Execute the following code to see if Permission is the turn of sudo

$ sudo gem install bcrypt

Now the error on bundle install disappears and bcrypt is added!

Part 2 cannot load such file –bcrypt

I successfully overcame error 1 and restarted the localhost browser, but this error

Speaking of which, I remembered that there was a long time ago like this, and re-executed rails s.

Then I passed! !!

This time there were a lot of small errors when introducing bcrypt ~