[Java] [Folio LSP] Technical skills required for the project

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Human resources needed for the project

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Backend developer

  • Java 8 and object-oriented design and programming
  • Implementation of RESTful interfaces in microservice model (RAML, JSON, XML)
  • Database (both SQL and NoSQL) especially PostgreSQL
  • Virtualization – Docker,Vagrant

Frontend developer

  • Client side Javascript (React) and related testing tools/frameworks

Common to front-end and back-end developers

  • Testing tools/frameworks
  • CI/CD – Jenkins
  • Server side JavaScript (Node JS) and related test tools/frameworks
  • Security – SSO, OAUTH, SAML, LDAP etc.
  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)-Git/GitHub

DevOps Engineer

*Engineer coding the CI/CD environment using the toolset used by Folio

  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)-Git/GitHub
  • CI/CD – Jenkins
  • Virtualization – Docker, Vagrant
  • Infrastructure Automation – Ansible, Puppet, Chef
  • Orchestration – Kubernetes/ECS, Rancher
  • Security — SSO, OAUTH, SAML, LDAP
  • Cloud-AWS, GoogleCloud

System Administrator

  • Linux-based system management
  • Application management for Slack/Github/Confluence/JIRA (users, groups, application settings, licensing, etc.)



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