[Ruby] Freeters everywhere tried using devise.

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I am a freeter who aims to be an engineer from inexperience.

This time, even beginners can easily

A gem famous for being able to create user management functions from scratch



While sandwiching some explanations,

I would like to introduce you briefly.

First of all, let’s create a rails app

rails _6.0.0_ new (your desired app name) -d mysql

(The last -d is optional, so you don't have to add it if you don't need it.)

After installation, let’s move to the folder you just created

Open a terminal and run the following command

% cd (the app name you created)

For the time being, create a database to store the data.

Open a terminal and run the following command

% rails db:create

Next, add the device gem with Gemfile


Don’t forget to add it in Gemfile

do a bundle install! !! (Also start with rails s!!)

Then, with the terminal open Type the following command

rail g devise:install

This command will start the device As a personal impression, I feel the most when I hit this command lol

Don’t forget to create the controller.

% Rails g devise:controllers users

This command changes the user-related controller of device It will create at once

Because the migration file of user is generated by this

Don’t forget the process of sending.

rake db:migrate

And this command

rails g devise:views

All device related views at once Will make it! !!

I didn’t know this first,

I wrote everything myself…

You don’t have to have that experience anymore!

It makes me feel at ease.

This concludes the introduction of device-related commands!

It’s so easy for anyone to create a user management function…

gem’s power is scary…

I want to add sns authentication to the user registration function!

Those who say


Access that place

After registering variously,


If you use the gem

You can now authenticate with Facebook!

(I have other things to do…)

Why don’t you take a look at this opportunity! !!