I'm developing an emerging SQLite client Reason.

Nice to meet you, this is hosokawat. I am developing the SQLite client Reason.

** Download from here **

From the next post, I decided to post an article on getting started with SQLite using Reason for debugging and promotion. As a prelude to that, I would like to introduce Reason.

What is Reason?

A SQLite client that aims to efficiently create and verify SQL. I'm targeting people who say "It's faster to write by hand !!" using an editor than using a rugged GUI tool.

Seeing a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at the screenshots.

スクリーンショット 2020-07-10 7.04.46.png ### Guessing function --Query automatic generation function --Automatic completion of table name / column name / basic syntax --Batch execution of multiple queries and batch display of results --Multilingual, Macos / Windows compatible --Ace Editor functions can be used

Query automatic generation function

Select a table and create select, insert, update, delete statements, There is a query creation function for selecting, updating, and deleting from the execution result cell. スクリーンショット 2020-07-10 7.38.50.png

Table name / column name / basic syntax auto-completion

Reason can auto-complete table names, column names, and basic syntax. スクリーンショット 2020-07-10 7.13.53.png Please take a closer look. Subquery column names are also supported.

Batch execution of multiple SQLs and batch display of results

Reason allows you to run multiple queries at once and see the results together. スクリーンショット 2020-07-10 7.17.01.png

Multilingual, Macos / Windows compatible

It can be used in Japanese and English. And it is compatible with Macos / Windows.

You can use the functions of Ace Editor

It incorporates AceEditor as the editor engine. It has a lot of features, and you can use multi-cursor and advanced search.

Development environment / language / framework

I am developing with Java 14 and Java FX 14 using Eclipse on a Macbook pro 13 inch. I had a hard time because I couldn't find the know-how of javaFX development that corresponds to the changes after Java 11 on the net. I was able to experience all the processes when releasing this product. I hope I can put it together someday.

Development period

I checked the grass on github and found that it has been under development since the beginning of March and has been under development for 124 days! It was an exciting day when I encountered a number of difficult problems. According to my respected engineer, this is a "fun difficulty!"!

There are still many functions I would like to implement, so I will continue development. Whether to support another DB or implement more advanced functions is a very annoying option. At first, I thought it would end in April and May, but I think it will be a lifework for a while.


While writing this article, I thought that it was quite good using Reason. Next time, I will start getting started with SQLite using Reason.

Download here

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I'm developing an emerging SQLite client Reason.