[Ruby] I got an error! *No interactive request template

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While trying to learn the application implementation using Ruby on Rails, when I try to display the target page, the following screen is displayed: :sweat_smile:


The words “Controller” and “index” were flickering, so check the VS Code routing and controller and view file descriptions! I called the Compare Active File With Clipboard tool in the command palette and compared the sample code, but I couldn’t find any different parts…

When I finally asked VS Mentor a question about VS Code, I realized that the view file directory was wrong! If you recreate the view file in the correct location and pray and click the refresh button on the page, the loading time will be long! When I waited, thinking “This is going to happen!”, the message was displayed safely :joy:

If the message “There is no template for ~” appears, should I check the location of the file? I learned a little.

Finally, it is a screenshot when the position of the view file in question is recreated. (There are both right and wrong places.)


What’s wrong is the 3rd line, and the index.htnl.erb file wasn’t in the tweets directory: sweat_smile: I made a mistake in such a rudimentary place…

But well, I’m glad I could solve it myself: grin: And when it was displayed properly, it felt good :laughing: Ah, I was deeply impressed with the goodness of programming that I could get a sense of accomplishment in such a visible way: blush:

*Since I have just started programming, I may make a wrong interpretation or description. If you have any notices, I would appreciate your advice and suggestions. Thank you for reading to the end!

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