[Java] I have a question because my gradle setup is not working

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I’m Keita, a new java programmer. I have a question about setting up gradle in a mac environment.

I used to use maven as a build tool for eclipse, but at the next site I will use gradle, so I am building the environment of gradle, but I am terrified.

As a premise, ・Gradle downloaded ・Egradle ide installed is.

After that, when I specified the project root in a java project and checked with the verification tool of eclipse whether the setup of egradle was completed, it failed like the first photo below.

I am investigating what is the cause, but as a possible cause, ・Mac environment variables are not set properly ・Other I think it’s kana.

The reason why I thought there was a problem with mac environment variables was that the procedure manual was for windows and the environment variables were set from the system details, but when I checked it because it was mac, the following command It was set in. I thought there was a problem there.

For the procedure of environment variable setting, in the terminal,

export ULB= “bin of gradle path”

Command, I set the path where the gradle is placed in the path variable ULB as shown in the second picture. Is there a problem with this procedure? I think. Or is there a cause elsewhere?

If you are familiar with build tools or have configured gradle environment on mac, I would appreciate it if you could teach me. Thank you.

Screenshot 2020-06-20 13.51.56.png

Screenshot 2020-06-20 13.52.27.png