I have a question because the gradle setup doesn't work

I'm a new java programmer. I have a question about setting up gradle in a mac environment.

I used to use maven as a build tool for eclipse, but at the next site I will use gradle, so I am building an environment for gradle, but I am having trouble.

As a premise ・ Downloaded gradle ・ Egradle ide installed is.

After that, when I specified the project root in a java project and checked whether egradle setup was completed with the verification tool of eclipse, it failed as shown in the first picture below.

I'm investigating what the cause is, but the possible causes are -The setting of environment variables on mac is not working properly. ・ Others I think it is.

The reason why I wondered why there was a problem with the environment variables of mac was that the procedure manual was for windows and I set the environment variables from the system details, but since it was mac, I checked it and found that the command was as follows. I set it in. I thought there was a problem there.

For the procedure of setting environment variables, in the terminal,

export ULB = “gradle bin path”

By the command of, as shown in the second photo, the path where gradle is placed is set in the path variable ULB. Was there a problem with this procedure? I think. Or is there a cause elsewhere?

If you are familiar with build tools or have built a gradle environment on mac, I would appreciate it if you could teach me. Thank you.

スクリーンショット 2020-06-20 13.51.56.png スクリーンショット 2020-06-20 13.52.27.png

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