I want to read the property file with a file name other than application.yml or application- [profile name] .yml with Spring Boot.

This is pretty good! I couldn't find the sample, so make a note.

What I wanted to do

--Make SpringBoot read the yaml property file with a filename other than ʻapplication.yml --At that time, load a file with a profile name attached, such as ʻapplication-test.yml. --Map the loaded property to the Configuration class

In a multi-project configuration, I wanted to put a property file on the project side where common parts were collected, but in application.yml, it was necessary to use another name to batting with the property file on the user side.

Realization method


--Specify the property file to load using @PropertySource in the Configuration class --@PropertySource does not support reading yaml files, so create a class for reading so that it can be read.

Source code

The complete source code is here [https://github.com/h-okhs/SpringPropertySourceExample)

Configuration class

Specify the class for reading Yaml with factory of @PropertySource.


@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "foo")
@PropertySource(value = {"classpath:/foo-config.yml",
    factory = YamlPropertySourceFactory.class)
public class FooConfig {

    private BarConfig bar;
    private BazConfig baz;

    public static class BarConfig {
        private String setting1;

    public static class BazConfig {
        private String setting1;
        private String setting2;

Factory class

A source borrowed from somewhere. It seems that Yaml loaded using Spring's YamlPropertiesFactoryBean is converted to Properties and returned as PropertySource.


public class YamlPropertySourceFactory implements PropertySourceFactory {

    public PropertySource<?> createPropertySource(@Nullable String name, EncodedResource resource)
        throws IOException {
        Properties propertiesFromYaml = loadYamlIntoProperties(resource);
        String sourceName = name != null ? name : resource.getResource().getFilename();
        return new PropertiesPropertySource(sourceName, propertiesFromYaml);

    private static Properties loadYamlIntoProperties(EncodedResource resource)
        throws FileNotFoundException {
        try {
            YamlPropertiesFactoryBean factory = new YamlPropertiesFactoryBean();
            return factory.getObject();
        } catch (IllegalStateException e) {
            Throwable cause = e.getCause();
            if (cause instanceof FileNotFoundException) {
                throw (FileNotFoundException) e.getCause();
            throw e;

Operation check


public class SpringPropertySourceTest {

    FooConfig fooConfig;

    public void test() {



In SpringBoot2.3.0 or later, @PropertySource's $ {spring.profiles.active} cannot be resolved and an error occurs. I wrote it in another article. (I ate a lot of time because of this ...)

Failed to resolve placeholder used for value of @PropertySource in SpringBoot 2.3.0 or later

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