ImageMagick7 + im4java

Call ImageMagick via im4java. The environment is windows 10.


Source code

implementation 'org.im4java:im4java:1.4.0'

import org.im4java.core.IM4JavaException;
import org.im4java.core.IMOperation;
import org.im4java.core.ImageMagickCmd;

public class ImageMagickMain {
	public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, InterruptedException, IM4JavaException {
		ImageMagickCmd magick = new ImageMagickCmd("magick");
		IMOperation operation = new IMOperation();
		operation.addImage("src.png ");
		operation.resize(300, 300);
		operation.addImage("dest.png ");

Precautions with 7 or earlier

Details will come out soon, but from 7 the module name has been changed from `convert``` to magick```. Specifically, in windows, it changes from `` convert.exe `` to ``` magick.exe```. Therefore, in 7, the module name of ImageMagick in the argument of ``` new ImageMagickCmd``` needs to be `magick```. Please note that when referring to existing materials.

However, you can still use `convert```. In that case, it is necessary to check Install legacy utilities as shown below at the time of installation. If you check this, convert.exe `` will also be installed.


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ImageMagick7 + im4java