In Time.strptime,% j (total date of the year) is

I had to maintain someone else's code, and when I followed the code, it was a hassle to convert the % j date to ʻUNIX time`.

Then, when I was disgusted and searched for " ruby but strptime?", Bingo !!

a problem occured

Test before replacing.

Execute the following code

$ ruby -e 'require "time" ; p Time.strptime("2003,070,12:21:51 JST", "%Y,%j,%H:%M:%S %z").to_i'
# ↑ 2003/01/01 12:21:51 JST

a problem occured.

Eh? % J Can you interpret it?

I couldn't get an answer even if I looked at Gugu [^ 1]

[^ 1]: It's special to use % j in the first place ...

Try various things ...


The .strptime of the Time class (module?) Of the old ruby doesn't seem to interpret% j [^ 2]

In the verification, 2.7.1p83 was OK [^ 3]

[^ 2]: So, regarding code replacement, there are various problems with using DateTime, so in the end, in the form of embedding the self-made code created for verification ,,,

[^ 3]: 2.6.3p62 is OK.


Execute the following code with 1.9.2p290, 2.0.0p481, 2.7.1p83, respectively.


require 'date'
require 'time'

#Self-made function for control
def manu(t)
  arr = t.split(/[,: ]/).map(&:to_i)
  Time.mktime(arr[0],1,1,arr[2],arr[3],arr[4]) + ( arr[1] - 1) * 24 * 60 * 60

str = "2003,070,12:21:51 JST"
# DateTime.The result of strptime
p DateTime.strptime(str, "%Y,%j,%H:%M:%S %z").strftime("%s").to_i
#Result of self-made function
p ( manu str ).to_i
# Timme.The result of strptime
p Time.strptime(str, "%Y,%j,%H:%M:%S %z").to_i

In 1.9.2 and 2.0.0, Time.strptime does not interpret% j. DateTime.strptime will interpret it.


$ ruby test.rb
1041391311  # <= 2003/01/01 12:21:51 JST

On the other hand, 2.7.1 also interprets Time.strptime.


$ ruby test.rb

If there is something like the ruby version of delta, it would be one shot if you read it, but that passion does not spring up ...

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