Inobeko Summer Vacation Advent Calendar 2020


"Inobeko" is an in-house technical community of Fujitsu Systems Limited Web Technology, and "** Innovation ** Promotion * * Community is an abbreviation. We planned "Inobeko Summer Vacation Advent Calendar" as a 2020 summer project of "Inobeko". Like last winter's Advent calendar, let's all get excited! Reference: Fujitsu Systems Web Technology Advent Calendar 2019


--Participants: Limited to our employees / temporary employees and Fujitsu Group employees --Theme: Anything related to "technology" is OK --Article format: Free. Qiita, personal blogs, YouTube, anything --Let's follow the description of "Rules and manners when using social media" on the Fujitsu Way and Fujitsu Way sites. -Also read the Qiita Guidelines

How to register

--Use the ** edit request function ** at the bottom of the article, write the following items on the date you want to participate and send it --Author's name (pen name is OK) --Title (provisional is okay) ――I will try to reflect it as soon as possible --You can fix it later. Please contact us as well ――Every Wednesday, we will give priority to non-employees (although it may be reviewed depending on how full it is).

How to register after creating an article

-Please send the article title and URL in ** Edit Request ** -(As much as possible) Please write and register the article by the day

at the end

The description on this page operates Unity Yurufuwa Summer Advent Calendar 2019 I referred to the following article by @nkjzm. Thank you very much! Impressions of trying to manage summer ad-care for the second consecutive year [Yurufuwa ad-care]

Inobeko Summer Vacation Advent Calendar 2020 Article List

Date Article title Author name
8/1(soil) I will do it first. The theme is undecided. ikeda.hideya
8/2(Day) (Under recruitment)
8/3(Month) Write something with smartphone this time (provisional) Jugemu (Takashi Imai)
8/4(fire) (Under recruitment)
8/5(water) (Under recruitment)
8/6(wood) (Under recruitment)
8/7(Money) Under review! takapom
8/8(soil) (Under recruitment)
8/9(Day) (Under recruitment)
8/10(Month) Vue.I made an app with js and played with it eight-cotton (Reina Yawata)
8/11(fire) (Under recruitment)
8/12(water) (Under recruitment)
8/13(wood) (Under recruitment)
8/14(Money) React.js related things yamada-hideaki
8/15(soil) Something to make with Scala (Native CLI app or Spring Boot app is under consideration) ishibashi-futoshi
8/16(Day) I want to do something(Hope) LEViA
8/17(Month) I will teach you a Pivotal-style review meeting! Kotoro (Shun Hanaoka)
8/18(fire) (Under recruitment)
8/19(water) (Under recruitment)
8/20(wood) Write something little555 (Uchiyama)
8/21(Money) (Under recruitment)
8/22(soil) Write something m-yuumin
8/23(Day) Let's talk about test automation nov_fukui (Fukui)
8/24(Month) (RPA) Use uipath to automate work zhangyangfeng(Zhang Yangfeng)
8/25(fire) Studying batches and creating tools(Temporary) co33mu(Misa Fujitani)
8/26(water) Build a synchronization environment between Active Directory and Azure AD, realize SSO (provisional) Sanu.(FJAS Saga)
8/27(wood) (Under recruitment)
8/28(Money) (Under recruitment)
8/29(soil) Write something (material frame) George22e (Tsutsui Castle)
8/30(Day) (Under recruitment)
8/31(Month) (Under recruitment)

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Inobeko Summer Vacation Advent Calendar 2020