[Java] [IntelliJ IDEA] How to display code completion candidates without case sensitivity

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IntelliJ IDEA’s code completion candidate display is very convenient and I often use it, but in the default setting, in order to display uppercase candidates like class name, it is necessary to enter the first letter in uppercase. There is.

Example entered in lowercase Lowercase letters start

Example of capitalization Capitalization

Personally, I would like to see code completion candidates starting with an uppercase letter even if I enter it in lowercase letters, so this time I will introduce a method to achieve this.


  • IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1.2 (Ultimate Edition)


Preferences -> Editor -> General -> Code Completion -> Uncheck Match case -> OK with Apply


By default, Match case is checked and First letter only is selected, so the first letter is displayed with the case being differentiated.

By unchecking Match case, upper/lower case distinction is disabled, so even if you don’t enter the capital letter at the beginning like the image below, the name with capital letter at the beginning such as class name can be used as a code completion candidate. It can be displayed. Result

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